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This season we cruised again with families. Already for years we propose a special ‘children’s itinerary’ for groups up to eight on L’Etoile. A big hit, and I really enjoy to do these cruises myself. L’Etoile has a little plunge pool on deck, lot’s of games, and the atmosphere is casual. When I purchased the 20 pax barge L’Estello last year, I hoped it would be possible to cruise with families on this barge too. I imagined three-generation parties, grandparents, their children and grand children meeting on L’Estello, using the barge as their home in France for a week…

L'Estello on the River Rhone

It worked, and I hope you enjoy reading this comment:

‘In a word, it was PERFECTION! Cobie and her team were warm and welcoming from the moment we boarded the barge. The accommodations were excellent and the beds were very comfortable. The food was well prepared, beautifully presented and plentiful. Cobie prepared platters for the children so that each parent could serve their own children, taking into account their likes and dislikes and portion sizes. Adults were served individually.

The sightseeing and biking activities were perfectly tailored, taking into consideration that we had three children between the ages of three and four children ages seven to twelve. Cobie, Nico, her assistant, and Christian, the captain, were always flexible with regard to meal times and sightseeing requests. They even babysat the children for one night when we had an adult dinner at a local restaurant in Arles.

When we left this morning Cobie asked if there was anything that she could have done to make the trip any better. I’m sorry to disappoint her but our trip was 110%! And you can certainly share this email for marketing purposes).

Our family would happily and unconditionally recommend your services and L’Estello with enthusiasm. Good luck with your business and the impending new addition to your family. And a very big “thank you” for arranging this wonderful holiday for us.’


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Cruising in tandem

Cruising in Tandem

Cruising in Tandem

About the last cruise in tandem. A lot of fun! A group of 13 people, too many to accommodate on L’Etoile. The idea is to cruise the same itinerary with two barges following each other. We had eight people staying on L’Etoile, five on the other barge.  While cruising, the guests can decide on which boat they want to cruise that day, as long as we have the numbers on each boats. Lunches, although prepared by the two chefs, were mostly served on each barge seperately, to keep the program more flexible. All the dinners took place in L’Etoile. And it did fit! Now you can imagine how great that was! The two chefs divided the work of preparing of the meals, for example, one chef prepared the starter, the other chef the main course, so guests could appreciate the best creations of both chefs! Soon it became clear, that amongst our guests we had several other chefs on board. The second day the idea came up to have the last dinner on board prepared by the guest chefs to give us as ‘barge chefs’ a break What a fantastic idea. Next week I will tell you more about it, it all turned out great!

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Welcome to my blog. I hope you will help me out by reading and commenting often, as I love to hear from my friends – both old and new.

Today I am leaving Atlanta on my way back to Burgundy. I have been here 3 weeks working with my web designer on my new and improved web site. I hope you like it!

As soon as I am home and unpacked – I will post again and tell you all about the new itineraries for 2007, my life in the off-season, and other things.

Until then – A Bientot!

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